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Dorothy Max Prior has, created a wealth of outdoor/site responsive and dance/cabaret shows over the past 15 years, under the name Dorothy's Shoes, and with Ragroof Theatre/The Ragroof Players (as company co-director), with Paraladosanjos (Brazil), and has also contributed to many other companies' productions as choreographer or dramaturg.


Ragroof Tea Dance Hat by Gabriel.jpg

New show in development for 2019/2020:


Dorothy's Shoes: Hen Party


Ragroof Players' multi-discipline site-responsive show about migration and the search for home

Guest director/dramaturg for ParaladosanjoSå

Bridges y Puentes (2011-2017)


Eccentric dance, circus, vaudeville (Campinas, Brazil)


Cabare Excentrico (2016)


An extensive multi-artform series of site-responsive installations and performances created  in Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Tuscany, Italy, in collaboration with Isobel Smith and James Foz Foster. (April to September 2014) 

Lead  Artist/ Director/Choreographer & Curator

Sisters of Hera (2014)

swd 1 ludovic des cognets2.jpg

Street theatre & site specific show by Ragroof  Theatre.


Shall We Dance?–Encore! (2006- 2013).

Dorothys Shoes BR-116_BEYONDTHEMOON_259.

Dorothy’s Shoes: a fairytale journey on the buses, trains and streets of East London, commissioned by BR116/LIFT  


Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain (2011)


Circus-theatre / vaudeville outdoor show created for Paraladosanjos (Brazil) 


The Twins: (2017)


ongoing site-responsive project in Sao Paulo state, Brazil

Writer/dramaturg/co-choreographer/installation maker.

Pontes Integradas / Piraçara (2016/2017) 

Our Dancing Feet.jpg

Collaboration between InRoad Productions, Zap Arts, and Ragroof), site-responsive show about social dance set in dancehals/nightclubs. 


Our Dancing Feet  (2013/2014)


presented by Grist to the Mill at Suspense Festival, London.


Christina the Astonishing (2013)

Dorothys Shoes FDTRio 2.jpg

Entre Lugares festival in Rio, Brazil (Dorothy’s Shoes) & Sacred Festival of Live Art: Dorothy’s Shoes commissioned artist for 2011/12


Flying Down to Rio (2011/2012)

White Rabbit mask.jpg

A regular monthly live art/performance event at The Basement arts centre in Brighton 2008-2009.

Lead Artist/Choreographer/Curator

The Basement Bordello:

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