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A Parada Delas

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Hen Party – A Parada Delas (2020)

Available to book for 2021 and beyond at festivals, venues, or within community settings in UK, Europe or Brazil


A co-created promenade performance presented in public space

Hen Party – A Parada Delas is a performative walk that embraces outdoor arts, performance poetry, song, dance and procession; re-staging feminist history, and inverting the male gaze on the female body. Like the British Hen Parties that inspired the piece, a group of people who identify as female, or who want to express the feminine aspect of their being, reclaim public space for the female/feminised body, celebrating femininity, and making a nuisance of themselves (in the nicest possible way!). It is a joyous and accessible work, that can be experienced and appreciated on many different levels giving a deep ‘journeywoman’ experience to those who complete the full journey, but also providing a few moments of amusement and/or food for thought for a large number of passers-by!


Hen Party is a collaboration between UK company Aurelius Productions and Brazilian company ParaladosanjoS. Two key women artists (Dorothy Max Prior, UK and Marilia Ennes, Brazil) have created the work in collaboration, and each time the show is presented in a new place, it will be reworked and co-created in collaboration with local artists.

Hen Party (work-in-progress) was presented in the streets and public spaces of Barao Geraldo, Campinas, Brazil, in February 2020.

Hen Party – A Parada Delas


Available to book in 2021 and beyond in the UK, Europe and Brazil as a week-long residency for 12 participants, culminating in a promenade performance in public space. Facilitated/performed by two key artists and one performer/technician, plus a guest local artist in each location.


For enquiries and bookings email:   

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