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Here and Now

Hen Party Marcia Bar.jpg

Hen Party: A Parada Delas


NEW show for 2020 – a promenade performance in public space, created by Dorothy Max Prior (UK) and Marilia Ennes (Brazil) in collaboration with local artists. See NEW WORK on this website for further information


Performance + Installation
Dorothy Max Prior, In My Room, SPILL Fes

In My Room

An interactive installation for one audience member at a time! Commissioned by SPILL Festival 2015, In My Room is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age piece about sexual exploitation, sexual liberation, sex – and punk!

Features rare original artefacts from the the punk years – and a specially composed soundscape. Created by Dorothy Max Prior, with James Foz Foster (sound) and Isobel Smith (co-designer).


ParaladosanjoS: Piraçara

Piraçara, by Brazilian company ParaladosanjoS, was the culmination of the Pontes Integradas project, which took site-specific performance, film, music and art across the state of Sao Paulo, visiting remote fishing and farming communities, and taking material created in collaboration with one community onto the next site.

Although this was an end in itself, there was additionally a performance work created at the end of the project, which was performed in bars in Sao Paulo and Campinas cities, before touring extensively.


Twins Meggy red nose.jpg
Piracara red ladies copy.jpg

ParaladosanjoS; As Gemeas (The Twins)

The Twins is an accessible circus-theatre show, performed indoors or outdoors. It is inspired by the writings of Angela Carter – specifically, Wise Children and Nights at the Circus, and tells the story of a pair of inseparable identical twins who become separated and following a quest to find their other half. It features clowning, aerial, and eccentric dance, and the soundtrack mixes vaudeville classics with original composition by James Foz Foster. Dramaturg & Director: Dorothy Max Prior. Co-devised with the company.


PAST PROJECTS – There and Then

Sisters The Feast Table Hand with Bambi.


Bridges y Puentes

Created by The Ragroof Players. Writer/dramaturg and installation maker Dorothy Max Prior. Presented in car parks and other transient spaces, 2011-2017


Sisters of Hera

Year-long site-specific residency at Tenuto dello Scompiglio, Tuscany. Installations and performance created in collaboration with Isobel Smith and James Foz Foster.


Behind the Moon West Ham.jpg

Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain

Site-responsive fairy tale performance -journey across East London on public transport, created for BR-116 Festival in collaboration with LIFT


Dorothys Shoes FDTRIo 6.jpg

Flying Down to Rio

Created by Dorothy's Shoes. An interactive show with performance, film and installation, presented in an imaginary dancehall. Commissioned by Sacred Festival, Chelsea Theatre London (2011) and Entre Lugares, Sergio Porto, Rio (2012)


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